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Multifocal IOL Specialist

David Kamen, MD -  - Ophthalmology

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David Kamen, MD

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Multifocal intraocular lenses (IOL) are a state-of-the-art advancement for cataract surgery and clear lens extraction. At Beverly Hills Eye Center, experienced ophthalmologist David Kamen, MD, offers the newest IOL options to give you a clear vision at every distance. Call the office in the Beverly Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, or book an appointment using the online scheduler to learn more about multifocal IOLs now.

Multifocal IOL Q&A

What is a multifocal IOL?

An IOL is an artificial eye lens that replaces your own natural eye lens. At Beverly Hills Eye Center, Dr. Kamen implants a multifocal IOL, a special type of IOL. While standard monofocal IOLs correct your vision at one distance, multifocal IOLs correct both distance and near vision. Multifocal IOLs also correct astigmatism. 

With multifocal IOLs, you won't need eyeglasses or contacts after surgery — not even reading glasses, in most cases. 

When might I need multifocal IOLs?

There are two main uses for multifocal IOLs, including:

Cataract surgery

In cataract surgery, Dr. Kamen removes your cloudy eye lenses and replaces them with the multifocal IOLs. 

Clear lens exchange

Clear lens exchange is a surgery for people who have severe refractive errors; however, who do not have cataracts. It works similarly to cataract surgery, with Dr. Kamen removing the natural lens and replacing it with a multifocal IOL.

While not everyone who has cataract surgery or clear lens exchange needs multifocal IOLs, virtually all adults develop presbyopia as they age, and more than 62% of adults over 60 have refractive errors like nearsightedness. 

That means that almost everyone who needs cataract surgery or clear lens exchange can get the best possible vision with multifocal IOLs.

What types of multifocal IOLs are available?

Beverly Hills Eye Center offers the newest and most advanced IOLs from the vision industry's foremost manufacturers. These include: 

  • TECNIS Symfony™®
  • TECNIS Synergy™®
  • Alcon ReSTOR® 
  • Bausch + Lomb Crystalens® Advanced Optics (AO)
  • Alcon PanOptix®

Every multifocal IOL has unique features and applications. During a comprehensive eye exam before your surgery, Dr. Kamen discusses many lifestyle factors with you to determine which type of IOL will suit you the best. 

Your hobbies, daily activities, and personal goals can all play a role in choosing the best IOL for your lifestyle, so Dr. Kamen works with you to find the ideal match for your eyes. 

How does surgery to place multifocal IOLs work?

At Beverly Hills Eye Center, Dr. Kamen uses a small incision surgical approach with no stitches. The process takes just 10-15 minutes and boasts a remarkable success rate exceeding 98%. 

Dr. Kamen has personally performed more than 20,000 eye surgeries, so his extensive expertise can help you to feel confident about your procedure — and the great vision you'll have with your new multifocal IOLs. 

To learn more about multifocal IOLs, call Beverly Hills Eye Center or schedule a consultation using online booking now.